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At Flexicolor we specialize in the manufacture of bags with resealable characteristics, for vacuum packaging, heat-sensitive, security seals, materials with printing capacity, 100% recyclable, and reusable.

We offer our customers significant financial savings with our packaging since these allow them to extend the useful life of their products. We guarantee the protection, freshness, storage, and transportation of various products at the lowest cost, minimizing the risk of accidental spills or product damage due to environmental factors.

We provide a wide variety of products that, in addition to the features already mentioned, they can be adaptable to customer needs, so their versatility allows us to serve different sectors of the industry. We offer solutions to companies that use plastic products and to the assembly plant industry.

Print Quality

We do photographic quality 6 color flexible-packing print, giving your packed products better image quality, making your products have more visibility than your competitors.

We are experts in print packaging

At Flexicolor, we are experts in printing and lamination, we are a team focused on delivering quality products on time.

More protection for your product

At Flexicolor, we ensure that your product is well protected with multilayer lamination, extending your product’s shelf life.


Flexicolor is an ISO90001:2015 certified company, we can guarantee our quality and your satisfaction when delivering or product.

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