Shrink sleeve

Our heat shrink sleeve is a heat-sensitive material that molds and conforms to the shape of a container when exposed to heat. Provides 360-degree print coverage, its novel format allows products to attract attention, even from distant locations. We have different shapes and designs.

Our variety of heat sensitive products are:

  • Shrink sleeve
  • Heat shrink sleeve
  • Shrink sleeve labels
  • Printed shrink sleeve

With these products you can transform your packaging into advertising instruments for your brands, in addition to their striking designs will win the attention of potential customers, surpassing your competitors. Likewise, you can make your packaging efficient and adaptable to a wide variety of applications and needs.

Its versatility ranges from its application in food packaging, to personal care products and many others.

They adapt to all forms of packaging. They can be customized and can be chosen from different printing effects and textures.

Due to their particular characteristics, they shrink around the lid of the container and are used to create security seals.

Our heat sensitive products offer:

All of our products have reusable materials and comply with ISO 22000:2 certification.

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